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Città Sant'Angelo

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Between sky and sea

Città Sant’Angelo reputation precedes its name!

In 2018, Forbes enlisted this village among the 10 best places in the world to go and live. This is a place that impresses withits traditions, typical products, enchanting landscape and enviable geographical position.

The village is located 320 metres above sea level, featuring an amazing view over the surrounding valleys and offering a wide variety of sceneries, from the colours of the coast and the sea, to the beauty of the hills and mountains.

Visiting Città Sant’Angelo historic center means traveling through hundred centuries of history, thanks to its charming architecture, one of a kind alleys, old village gates, the remains of towers and castles and the magnificent ornate facades and courtyards of the noble palaces.

The town preserves valuable architectural monuments, including religious buildings, that are relevant examples of Romanesque and Baroque art, remembering a glorious past linked to monastic orders, pilgrimages and political alliances with papal Rome, characterizing Città Sant’Angelo as one of the places featuring the largest number of churches in Italy.

Easily reachable from Abruzzo International Airport ‘Liberi’ (only 20 km away) and only 8 km away from the Pescara Nord A14 motorway exit, Città Sant’Angelo is the perfect place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the elegance of its history.

40 km away from Gran Sasso peaks

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18 km away from the city of Pescara

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8 km away from Pescara Nord A14 Motorway Exit

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20 km away from Abruzzo International Airport “Liberi”

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